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dc.contributor.authorKeita, M
dc.contributor.authorKampo, M I
dc.contributor.authorTimbo, S K
dc.contributor.authorTraoré, C B
dc.contributor.authorDiallo, M
dc.contributor.authorDoumbia-Singaré, K
dc.contributor.authorAg Mohamed, A
dc.identifier.citationKeita M, Kampo M I, Timbo S K, Traoré C B, Diallo M, Doumbia-Singaré K, Ag Mohamed A. Morbidite par tumeurs de la sphere tete et cou a Bamako. Le Mali médical. 2009; (3):1-6
dc.publisherSociété médicale du Mali
dc.relation.ispartofseriesLe Mali médical. 2009; (3):1-6
dc.titleMorbidite par tumeurs de la sphere tete et cou a Bamako.

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